BYM Ultrasonics was established in 1980 by Brian McCay after gaining previous experience in the U.S. Air Force working on electronic countermeasures and aircraft systems.

Following the service, Brian worked for more than three years at the Bendix Missile Plant and eventually working for six years at Master Sonics in the ultrasonic field designing analyzers and small ultrasonic welders. During that time he found that both large and small companies were eager to find someone who understood ultrasonics, could repair their equipment and provide technical assistance as well as replacement parts.

In a few years, Brian was designing and building his own power supply modules, converters, boosters and custom actuators. BYM chose to focus on Branson products because they were the most reliable and widely accepted systems within that sector of manufacturing.

BYM Ultrasonics offer a complete line of refurbished, reconditioned and used Branson Ultrasonic plastic welders and ultrasonic welding systems. We also service and repair all Branson welding equipment with a fast turnaround being one of our primary goals in order to reduce our customers’ downtime. Our experience in selling and servicing ultrasonic welders and plastic welding equipment spans more than 35 years. We manufacture tool steel, aluminum and titanium ultrasonic welding horns and fixtures for your unique plastic assembly application.

Service and repair of used Branson welding equipment since 1980.