BYM Ultrasonics is a leading assembly tooling and equipment company serving automotive manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, food processing industry and sporting goods manufacturers. We put a high value on quality and technology, allowing our customers to rely on us for their assembly tooling and equipment needs for over 39 years.

When our customers need a tool or equipment that doesn’t already exist, our team goes to work and designs, engineers and builds to the customer’s specifications.

When it comes to manufacturing plastics, the quality of the end product depends on the quality of your tooling and equipment. Our assembly tooling and equipment will help you produce high quality products.

What we do for our customers:

Automotive Manufacturers
Molding, assembly tooling, and equipment to help automotive manufacturers produce plastic parts and assemble parts together.
Example of parts – Lens cover assemblies for headlights and taillights, turn-signal housing, water diverters for engine compartments, engine baffling, motor mounts, air filter assemblies, oil filter assemblies and automotive service parts.

Medical Device Manufacturers
Molding, assembly tooling, and equipment to help medical device manufacturers produce medical prosthetics, velcro and face masks.
Example – production of coal mask filters, air filters, air filtration covers and safety seals on pharmaceutical/pill bottles.

Food Processing & Packaging Industry
Molding, assembly tooling and equipment for food packaging.
Example – insulated cups, sealed bags, safety seals on milk bottles, milk cartons, yogurt containers, ice cream containers, seafood product packaging, agricultural product packaging, shipping popsicle sticks, containers and corrugated boxes.

Sporting Goods Manufacturers
Molding, assembly tooling, and equipment to help them produce sporting goods.
Example – inflatable sport balls, soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs air valve assemblies, Gun rack mounts, and gun storage.

Our capability is not limited to the above examples. You tell us what you need and our designers and engineers go to work.

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