Branson Boosters repair, rebuild and sale

BYM Ultrasonics carries a large selection of used and rebuild Branson Ultrasonic converters and boosters. We also carry BYM aftermarket replacement models.
Converters and boosters for sale:

  • 2000 series converters in 15KHz both standard and high power and 20KHz CJ-20, CR-20 and CS-20 models. 30KHz CS-30, CJ-30, CA-30 AND CH-30. 40KHz 4TJ, 4TR, 4TP and 4TF.
  • 900 series converters in 15KHz 915AEJ, 20KHz 932, 922JA, 502, 922RA, 902JA, 902RA, 40KHz 4TJ, 4TR, 4TP and 4TF.
  • 800 series converters 20KHz and 502, 402, 102, 108, 105, TW1, TW2, TW3 as well as 40KHz 4TJ, 4TR, 4TP, and 4TF models.
  • Boosters are available in 2000, 900 and 800 series. BYM aftermarket replacement models including 0.6/1 (Purple), 1.0/1 (Green), 1.5/1 (Gold), 2.0/1 (Silver) 2.5/1 (Black) as well as custom titanium boosters in 3.0/1 to 4.0/1 gain. Used boosters are also available.

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